Friday, November 17, 2017

Antarctica 2017-18: First 2 weeks in McMurdo Station.

It's been 2 weeks I arrived on the last continent. As usual, when you reach McMurdo Station, time comes to a stop. Nothing much happens!

I spent a week going from one training session to another. How to pitch a tent, how to not forget about putting warm clothes on, how to turn on a car, etc.

My friend Guy from Fairbanks, AK proud to light the stove on his own!

Gamow bag for altitude sickness.

Finally, I made it to the field last Saturday! I went with 2 scientists from Boulder (CU and NCAR). We installed 2 power systems on the nearby ice shelf. Beautiful weather and incredible views of Mt Erebus and the Royal Society Range. Eventually we ere asked to evacuate the premises because of the big storm coming down from the South...

Power System for snow accumulation gauge (CU/ATOC & NCAR Project).

Mount Erebus (3,794m).

Royal Society Range.

Mount Lister (4,025m) highest peak in the Royal Society Range.

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