Thursday, December 21, 2017

Antarctica 2017-18: Ohio Mountains

One of my favorite place in the Transantarctic Mountains, the Ohio Range and Bennett Nunatak. This range is quite small and the blue ice is magnificent. 
It was quite a cold day out. After spending hours trying to dig a seismic sensor out, in -25C temperatures, we abandoned the site and went to my GPS site, about 10 miles away, near the rock. Still cold, but easy work and time to enjoy the stunning landscape.
We made another stop to refuel the plane and went back to Siple Dome, on time for dinner.

Bennett Nunatak.

For once someone took a photo of me!

Mark Whetu teaching us how to use crampons in blue ice.

Back to the plane.

Refueling at the Ohio Mountains fuel cache.

I love those boots!

Mark Whetu, amazing mountaineer from New Zealand, and fun person to have around.

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