Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Antarctica 2017-18: Siple Dome

Welcome to Siple Dome! We spent 2 weeks there early December. We went there with the expectation of being stuck and not being able to work at all, due to the notorious bad weather in these parts... Well.. Siple Doom (as we liked to call it) did disappoint! 2 weeks of incredibly beautiful weather! We worked 6 days straight and finished our work, spending the second week in tshirt weather (McMurdo weather being bad, no plane could come and rescue us...!).

The dome is 100km x 100km located on the East side of the Ross Ice Shelf, off the Siple Coast. Originally an ice core camp, Siple Dome now is a refueling camp for science parties traveling Marie Byrd Land. In 1999 the science team at Siple recovered the deepest ice core at 974m... for a climate record of 97,600 years!

The mess tent and the Tucker used to groom the runway.

The mess tent where we eat and hang out. Small but very cool!

Nice after fieldwork snack made by our great cook.

Scissors do well with pizza.

Yummy food. Rob Teasdale from NZ.

Every year, a new game is learnt. Carcassonne is pretty fun!

Emily, our amazing cook - and seismic instruments shoveler.
When you climb Mt Everest every year - and other 8000ers, you relax in Antarctic. Richie Hunter from NZ.
Is Mark Whetu getting tired sometimes?
Home Sweet Home

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