Friday, November 24, 2017

Antarctica 2017-18: Blizzard at Hut Point.

This season, the weather is a little difficult... We had a 3 days snow storm, bringing us 20cm of snow. Unusual for the driest place on Earth.
Impossible to do much outside, especially flying to Siple Dome... But great for some photography!

The Discovery Hut was built during Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery Expedition (1901-1904). It was the first official British Antarctic Expedition since the James Clark Ross expedition 60 years earlier.

Discovery Hut and McMurdo Station in the background.

Discovery Hut.
Discovery Hut.

Vince's Cross at Hut Point, commemorating George T. Vince death in 1902.

Hut Point with Vince's Cross.

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