Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Antarctica 2017-18: Christchurch to McMurdo

After a year off the ice, due to ligaments massive failure while skiing in Chile last year, I am back in McMurdo Station. 
Not sure I am ready for those 3 months on this beautiful continent, but the magic still works!

So far the trip has been pretty good. I left Denver on November 2nd for a few hours in San Francisco where I was able to meet with friends for dinner. I then met with my friend Guy, a Belgian engineer who lives in Fairbanks, AK, also on his way South. 
We arrived in Christchurch early afternoon on November 4th. 
On November 5th, the ritual trip to the Clothing Distribution Center was made. I picked up some clothing items (somewhat useless) for the Great South. I repacked my bag and had a last good dinner before the not so amazing food of McMurdo!

November 6th... 0530 wake up for a 0930 take off. We made if without issues to McMurdo, on board the C17 Globemaster. 

More later (after the numerous training sessions...)!

The trip from Denver, Colorado to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Waiting on the bus to get on the Boeing C17 Globemaster in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Above the sea ice, approaching McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Sea ice breaking up.

Safely arrived at the new Phoenix runway on the Ross Ice Shelf. Victoria Land, Antarctica.

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